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Veterinary House Calls for Cats in Cobb County

Cat Care Hospital is a leading cat clinic in Atlanta where you can connect with our cat only veterinarian. Among our many services offered by our veterinary team, we offer house call visits. If you have never realized how or why they may be beneficial to you and your feline friend, you should read on to learn more. 

The Benefits of Working with a House Call Veterinarian in Marietta

Interestingly, research shows that cats receive veterinary care far less often than dogs do. Does this mean cats are inherently healthier?

Not necessarily. In fact, cats tend to be better at "hiding" illness; that is, a cat may look well but actually may be suffering from a chronic disease. And while you probably love how independent your kitty is, she still needs regular vet visits.

To this end, consulting with a house call cat veterinarian can be extremely beneficial for you. Here are a few specific reasons why: 

  • Your cat avoids the stress and discomfort of going to the vet (how many of our cats dislike car rides and travel crates?!).
  • Your house call veterinarian in Marietta gets to assess your cat in her home environment. As an objective observer, your vet may be able to identify environmental triggers you haven't noticed which may be affecting her health.
  • Your cat avoids the stress and potential risk of being exposed other cats that may carry contagious diseases. For young kittens or cats with suppressed immune systems, this is extremely important. 
  • Your cat will benefit from more personalized care with face-to-face time spent with your vet lasting upwards of 30-60 minutes.
  • You get to enjoy the convenience and of an at-home visit, plus avoid the stress and hassle of transporting your feline, and no wait time at the clinic. 
  • Your cat will still get the high quality vet care she needs even if you are an senior adult who doesn't not drive or are home-bound for any other reason.

Interested in a House Call Visit with Our Cat Vet in Marietta?

Are you looking for a veterinarian in Cobb County who can provide you with house call visits? If so, contact the Cat Care Hospital today at 770-424-6369. Veterinary house calls are ideal for pet wellness exams, vaccination and preventive medicine updates, and more. Give us a call today!