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Posted on 06-29-2017

Beware of These Cat Parasites in Georgia: Tips from Your Veterinarian in Marietta GA

Cat Parasites in Georgia pose risks to the health of both felines and humans in your home. With these tips from your veterinarian in Marietta GA, everyone stays safe.


Dangers of Fleas, Ticks and Worms: Signs from Your Cat Veterinarian in Atlanta

  • Parasites are a danger in many environments. Even indoor cats are at risk because visiting animals can spread fleas; mosquitoes in the house can spread worms, and human visitors can transfer ticks from their clothing. For early detection, follow these signs from your cat veterinarian in Atlanta.
  • Fleas bite cats and humans and a female flea can lay 50 eggs a day, possibly infecting the whole house. Biting and scratching are typical signs.
  • Ticks latch onto the cat's skin and suck blood, which can cause anemia, a weakened immune system and viral and bacterial diseases. Poor appetite, bleeding, fever and a low platelet count are possible.
  • Worms spread in many ways. In addition to digested fleas spreading tapeworm, consumption of infected rodents spreads lungworms and roundworms. Hookworms are spread by ingestion and skin contact, and kittens can ingest worms in their mother's milk. Worms can cause diarrhea, bloody stools, bloated bellies, coughing and trouble breathing. Deworming is safest at your cat veterinarian in Atlanta.

Parasite Prevention for Cats in Atlanta from Your Veterinarian in Atlanta

Parasite prevention for cats in Atlanta starts at your veterinarian in Atlanta with a wellness visit to examine the skin and run blood work. Then, prevention may include oral heartworm and broad-spectrum parasite medications and topical flea application. At home, keep kitty away from tall grasses, wooded areas and waters to prevent ticks, and check skin and stools regularly for fleas and worms.

Parasite Appointments at Your Cat Clinic in Atlanta

At Cat Care Hospital, your cat clinic in Atlanta, we care about protecting your pet. Contact us or call us today (770-424-6369) to schedule an appointment to prevent or treat parasites. Our office at 1106 Powder Springs Road, Marietta, GA 30064 only treats cats, so your feline friend will feel right at home.

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